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Senior Designer & Partner

Choosing a career came naturally to Francesco. He understood what he was passionate about at an early age, and he worked hard to cultivate and support this passion. In 2002, he graduated from the Art Institute of Cantù with a specialization in cabinet making. He went on to complete his studies by improving his technical and information-technology skills, studying the most recent graphic design programmes.

Francesco’s experience has run the entire gamut, from design to the execution of that design. His holistic approach to design inspires him to take a deep interest and helps give him an overall vision of things. Francesco believes that relationships with clients are of utmost importance for building a foundation in order to work in contemporary design. He believes that both the interior designer and the client can experiment and learn together during all phases of conceiving, exploring, and creating. This is why he really tries to communicate with the client and deeply understand his or her desires.

Francesco certainly understands that architects must work within economic constraints and that delivering on a design is a necessity. He knows how to communicate with and bring together the experience of the entire team on each project. In our projects, Francesco takes over with his practical, concrete side. Our studio wouldn’t be the same without his approach, his positive team mentality in order to reach important objectives.