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Our service is very much “couture.” We have forged long-term relationship thanks to our unique designs and incomparable “haute couture” service. We are extremely proud of our talented, passionate team, which is able to offer a truly special experience. Our design is forward thinking. We continuously live and breathe the study of the new, functionality, and beauty, and we embrace the individuality of our clients. Emerging designers and the changing world are continuous sources of inspiration for us in terms of new materials and techniques. It is important for us to deliver precision, to offer a disciplined environment, a skilled commercial department, and excellent technical capabilities. These qualities ensure that each project is delivered within budget and on time.Cohesiveness. The excellent work carried out in our studio is based on a deep understanding of the relationship between architecture and interiors. In fact, interior architecture is fundamental to successful interior design. Both of these disciplines coexist at Studio Archiproject, and this ensures solutions that are perfectly coordinated.

Expert design. Archiproject has a great deal of experience. We pay attention to detail and have knowledge of modelling, custom lighting, and precise and accurate sampling as well as quality control. All of these elements ensure the best in finishings. Our work knows no bounds. For Archiproject, understanding our clients’ lifestyles – how they work, how they like to spend their free time, and their aspirations – is fundamental. It allows us to pick up on clients’ aspirations and often allows us to exceed their expectations.

We offer many areas of high-level expertise, which means that all aspects of interior architecture and design can be addressed, always offering the client the absolute best result. Finally, commercially speaking, our experience in private residential commissions as well as in the public sector and the boating industry allows the studio to guarantee ambitious results. This thanks to the various skills of our team members and a great deal of focus on planning and costs in order to meet a variety of requests.


Archiproject Contract has a highly qualified team of employees that includes interior designers, furniture and product designers, and architects. Furthermore, the studio relies on a select group of exceptional Italian artisans and manufacturers. The wide range of skills in Archiproject guarantees that it is always on the cutting edge when it comes to luxury design

  • Tailored complete solutions

The advantage of Archiproject Contract as compared to its competitors comes from its experience in offering clients a complete solution. The studio is able to provide a complete project management service that goes beyond the limits of traditional interior designer.


  • Craftmanship

The majority of our interior design projects are custom solutions. Craftsmanship is fundamental for us. It allows us to come up with unique designs that are of the highest quality. We have a select number of exceptional Italian artisans and manufacturers that work with us.

  • Spatial Awareness

The first step in designing a space is understanding all of its parameters. Before looking at anything else – colours, fabrics, or the aesthetic – we look to the interior architecture and its dimensions. Only later do we see how we can adapt it to meet the needs of the client.

  • Furnishing

Almost all of the furnishings are designed by the studio. This allows us to design objects that perfectly reflect the tastes of our clients and that are 100% suited to the scope of the project. Archiproject Contract’s design legacy is interwoven in the studio’s “fabric,” offering not just attention to intrinsic details but also innovative originality along with the best craftsmanship and quality.

  • Materials and details

Our extensive design library is full of beautiful finishes in every colour, texture, and pattern. It is about how we experience things; the details and texture of materials is just as important as what we see. We believe every single element should be carried out to perfection and contribute to the overall experience.

  • Lighting

We think of lighting as not just an element to be seen but something also to be “seen by.” Often we integrate lighting into wood, shelving, wardrobes, window casings, and recessed elements. They are an integral part of our interior design. We also create wonderful light fixtures, which are often the focal point of a room.

We have strong relationships with leading art galleries throughout the world. We have the experience and the contacts to find the right pieces. Antique pieces or modern art often play a key role in a design. We speak with clients about whether or not they would like these types of pieces.

  • Taste

The aesthetic of a space is a crucial element in the design process. The part of design that most reflects the personality of the client. It is our job to speak with clients to find out about their tastes and keep these elements in mind while integrating them with others, which are often architectural necessities to create spaces meant especially for the client, along with the client.