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Architect and Interior Designer

Milena is an important component of the Archiproject team, and immediately brought a sense of vitality along with her experience in designing luxury hotels, resorts, and high-end homes. Milena has a solid technical background and architectural training. She graduated from the University of Belgrade in 2008 with a degree in architecture. She has worked for a variety of important architecture firms, including Arteast Design, HausArchitekt, and Studio Silk. She always works as part of a team, and she boasts world-class projects from her region as part of her portfolio.

Milena strongly believes that design must be concept-driven. It should be defined not just by its function but also by its placement. As an interior designer, she has taken a great deal of inspiration from her travels throughout Southeast Asia, China, Asia Pacific, and in Europe. Her love for music is equal to that of her great passion for design. In fact, she says, “Good design is like good music that has been well composed.” Beyond his or her technical capabilities, a musician creates depth, and emotions serve to string the notes together. “Excellent design should make one feel good.”